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    Conservation Lands

    As a fine artist, I strive to explore and portray humanity's reliance on nature through art. The preservation of wide open spaces for all to enjoy must be celebrated and appreciated. Climate change, human impact, and competing interests threaten rare wildlife and the habitats they call home. My Conservation Lands paintings are inspired by parklands around the world and honor their unique role in our lives. 

    Morning Dew 24 x 24

    Intuitive Landscapes are evocative, abstract paintings that capture an ephemeral moment in time. Each painting begins with an experience, recollection, or feeling that is then translated into loose, intuitive mark making. The underpainting is created using a variety of media, including oil pastels, water color, and paint scrapers. The result is a landscape that does not represent a specific place but instead evokes a sense of light, time, and memory. These beautiful paintings will bring a unique and captivating atmosphere to any space.

    Inspired by the ever-changing light and texture of the natural world, my collage work is constructed using hand-painted papers torn and laid across the canvas according to color, texture, and value. The final painting comes together like a puzzle waiting to be solved. I invite you to join me in exploring the endless possibilities of my layered landscapes.

    CODA, mixed-media, 24 x 20 (sold)
    Flora and Fauna

    This gallery contains a bit of each medium, from acrylic to mixed media and water color. Flora and fauna deserve a special page, because they are elemental to the landscape and bring a symbiotic dimension to the work. 

    Sweet Dreams, mixed-media, 12 x 12

    Sometimes the landscape inspires raw emotion that can only be expressed through loosely conveyed strokes of color, as if set to music. Abstract paintings evoke deeply personal responses, depending on the viewers’ experience. The relationship of the paint to the canvas, and the artist to her media, are paramount.

    Small Works

    This gallery contains small paintings on a range of substrates, from paper to duralar, to wood panel and canvas. The smaller size allows for playful experimentation. Watercolor and alcohol ink lend themselves to loose compositions that take shape as the paint moves across the surface. By suggesting shapes and shadows, the paint leads the viewer to familiar places while retaining a bit of mystery. 


    Figurative painting has a rich history in art, serving as a medium for cultural, social, and historical commentary. Figurative art conveys narratives, comments on societal norms, and documents moments in time. Capturing the nuances of posture, movement, and expression allows us to connect with each other and relate to shared experiences.

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